Designer Stud-Signing

What does Team PBC like even better than a party or a stud-signing?  A stud-signing party for one of our very own, obviously!  We recently came together, along with their family and friends, to celebrate and initiate the construction of Rick and Chrissy Bonney’s new custom home.  During an afternoon of loved ones, laughs, and the obligatory coastal oysters, we took to the studs of our favorite interior designer’s new home to write our well wishes and to learn just what inspired this latest and greatest new space.

Having lived in downtown Wilmington for twenty years, it didn’t take much for Rick and Chrissy to decide that is where they’d like to stay.  They settled on a quaint, tucked away lot on the north side.  Loving the location, unique energy, and history, The Bonneys look forward to watching the neighborhood continue to grow.

As the exciting process of design began, Chrissy called upon her favorite style, Mid-century Modern. Rick and Chrissy had a lot of fun planning the details of the elevations as they came up with the exterior design of their new home… historic bungalow with a touch of modern infusion.

As Chrissy tackled the inside of the house, she wanted to make sure they utilized every inch of the home to it’s fullest potential as she created a space that was easy to entertain in.  She took a handful of PBC’s custom downtown homes from throughout the years, pulled her favorite details, and started playing with those.  As construction moves forward and they really start to see everything come together, both of The Bonneys anticipate what exactly they look forward to most.  Rick cannot wait to have a large cook’s kitchen with a gas top range and Chrissy is most excited about the smaller details she has put into their new space like rustic wood accents and black and gold fixtures throughout.

Putting our own marks on a beautiful new custom home was a super fun experience but I think we can all agree, PBC can’t wait to see Chrissy’s “marks” on the final product.  She definitely said it best when she told us “It already feels like home and I love that!”  Here’s to many more memories, in a beautiful new space, surrounded by friends and family.



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