Renovation Retirement : 17 Years at PBC


PBC Design + Build recently celebrated some pretty important people with a fun Sunday afternoon at local favorite Palate Bottle Shop and Reserve.  For years, our office family has been blessed to work with Libby and Maureen Beccarino. These two have been a rock star team providing updated, beautiful spaces to some amazing clients throughout Southeastern North Carolina.  Although known to most as the PBC Renovations Division, they have been so much more to us over the years!

Upon their much-deserved retirement, below is a list of reasons why PBC Design + Build would not have been the same without Team Beccarino…

  • Kyle would never have gotten that first “punch-out job” back in 2002, eventually leaving Dave without a business partner, lonely, and sad.
  • Several plants would have lost their lives over the years, causing periods of oxygen depletion in the office and much slower work production.
  • Bar tabs at company events would have been lower. That said, there is no party like a Beccarino party!
  • Dave or Kyle would have been forced to answer to “Mr. Plantation”.
  • Angela and Libby wouldn’t be nearly as close as they are if it wasn’t for all that quality time spent resetting Lib’s passwords.
  • Maureen may never have received her unofficial title of “Saint” had she not BOTH lived with Libby AND worked with him.
  • Downtown would be missing some beautiful new homes, revitalization, and existing home renovations.
  • Things would have been quieter, laughs would have been fewer, and overall our company just wouldn’t have been the same.

Cheers to the years! We will miss Libby and Maureen tremendously in the day-to-day operations but we know that the friendships won’t end there.  What a wonderful career they have spent building custom homes, performing beautiful renovations,  meeting great friends, and creating happy clients.  Bon Voyage!

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