PBC Implements Covid-19 Response

2020 can kick rocks.

This year is shaping up to be one for the record books!  During this difficult time, everyone on the planet has had to make an adjustment to #quarantinelife and figure out #socialdistancing protocols.  North Carolina entered a statewide lockdown in late March, with strict conditions for “essential businesses.”  The construction industry is considered an essential business but stringent guidelines were put in place for the safety and well-being of everyone, not just the people who continue to work.

Great leadership is key to moving forward!

Our CEO, president, fearless leader + all-around great guy Kyle Henry implemented a comprehensive outline for PBC as we navigated these uncharted waters.  Immediately, the team started working remotely and delegating tasks which involved contacting all subcontractors, vendors and clients.  Kyle put into place a checklist for the Project Managers that targeted keeping all job sites safe, sanitary and organized.  Our PMs are the best of the best;  it should be no surprise that they crafted “sanitation stations” and installed sinks for hand washing!  Scheduling is paramount to properly maintain socially distanced subcontractors, allowing them to comfortably work on our jobs without compromising personal health and safety.

The “new” normal?

We continue to work from home and diligently update our amazing clients via the online portal. PBC is committed to doing everything we can to get through this trying time, including supporting the real heroes– frontline health care providers.  We hope that everyone remains healthy and we can get back to a new normal with a greater appreciation for each other.

Innovation still thrives within our team!

Kyle + Sonya created a company wide birdhouse building contest using leftover materials from job sites.

John Jarvis made a sanitizer necklace, patent pending.

Angela put together wellness bags for all, including a roll of premium tp and PBC socks!

Dave’s remote background is a picture of Kyle.  (It works every time! “Is Kyle standing next to you?”)

Most of the gentleman have grown facial hair/invented new hairstyles.

The newest team members are not legal adults, some have 4 legs.

Daniel sings that “We will rise up!” song at the beginning of every virtual meeting.

Our sales team signed contracts in the past week, even during a pandemic!

A group text will make us smile when the news gets discouraging.

Until we see you again, stay safe!